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Snow-accumulation variability from seasonal surface observations and firn-core stratigraphy, eastern Wilkes Land, Antarctica

ID Goodwin

Journal of Glaciology | Published : 1991


AbstractAnnual accumulation records were derived from two firn cores drilled at GD03 (69° 00’S, 115° 30’E, 1835m) and GD15 (69° 00’S, 130° 48’E, 2155m), which are separated by 750 km along the 2000 m contour in eastern Wilkes Land. The accumulation records, spanning the period 1930–85, show that annual accumulation has increased by 25% from 1960 to 1985, resulting in the highest accumulation rates in the 55 year records. Annual accumulation layers were identified in the firn cores using a firn-stratigraphic model (based on the observed characteristics and variability of the seasonal snow-surface layer) together with seasonal oxygen-isotope ratios. The accumulation records support other evide..

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