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Glacio-isostasy and glacial ice load at Law Dome, Wilkes Land, East Antarctica

ID Goodwin, C Zweck

Quaternary Research | Published : 2000


The Holocene sea-level high stand or 'marine limit' in Wilkes Land, East Antarctica, reached ~30 m above present sea level at a few dispersed sites. The most detailed marine limit data have been recorded for the Windmill Islands and Budd Coast at the margin of the Law Dome ice cap, a dome of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS). Relative sea-level lowering of 30 m and the associated emergence of the Windmill Islands have occurred since 6900 C (corr.) yr B.P. Numerical modeling of the Earth's rheology is used to determine the glacio-isostatic component of the observed relative sea-level lowering. Glaciological evidence suggests that most of EAIS thickening occurred around its margin, with exp..

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