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Areal distribution of the oxygen-isotope ratio in Antarctica: Comparison of results based on field and remotely sensed data

HJ Zwally, M Giovinetto, M Craven, V Morgan, I Goodwin

Annals of Glaciology | Published : 1998


An updated compilation of oxygen-isotope ratio data for 562 sites in Antarctica shows a significant increase in the number of sites and an improvement in the representation of the coastal zone over previous versions. The data base consists of ratio values (δ18O; multi-year mean 18O/16O relative to Standard Mean Ocean Water, in ‰) compiled as the dependent variable, together with data for the so-called independent variables: latitude, surface elevation, mean annual surface temperature and mean annual shortest distance to open ocean denoted by the 20% sea-ice concentration boundary. The problem of covariation between so-called independent variables is minimized using step-wise regression analy..

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