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Circum-Antarctic coastal environmental shifts during the Late Quaternary reflected by emerged marine deposits

PA Berkman, JT Andrews, S Björck, EA Colhoun, SD Emslie, ID Goodwin, BL Hall, CP Hart, K Hirakawa, A Igarashi, O Ingólfsson, J López-Martínez, W Berry Lyons, MCG Mabin, PG Quilty, M Taviani, Y Yoshida

Antarctic Science | Published : 1998


This review assesses the circumpolar occurrence of emerged marine macrofossils and sediments from Antarctic coastal areas in relation to Late Quaternary climate changes. Radiocarbon ages of the macrofossils, which are interpreted in view of the complexities of the Antarctic marine radiocarbon reservoir and resolution of this dating technique, show a bimodal distribution. The data indicate that marine species inhabited coastal environments from at least 35 000 to 20 000 yr BP, during Marine Isotope Stage 3 when extensive iceberg calving created a ‘meltwater lid’ over the Southern Ocean. The general absence of these marine species from 20 000 to 8500 yr BP coincides with the subsequent advance..

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