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Wave climate, sand budget and shoreline alignment evolution of the Iluka-Woody Bay sand barrier, northern New South Wales, Australia, since 3000 yr BP

ID Goodwin, MA Stables, JM Olley

Marine Geology | Published : 2006


Multi-centennial fluctuations in the northern New South Wales (NSW) coastline alignment are interpreted from a detailed reconstruction of the morphological and depositional evolution of the Iluka to Woody Bay barrier during the late Holocene. The regional coastline is aligned obliquely to the south-east, inner-shelf, modal wave direction, and hence sediment is transported obliquely on the shoreface with a net northward movement. On centennial to millennial time scales, the coastline is shown to have responded to fluctuations in mean wave direction, longshore gradients in sand transport and headland sand bypassing processes. Overall, barrier progradation has been punctuated by episodes of sho..

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