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A 700 year record of Southern Hemisphere extratropical climate variability

PA Mayewski, KA Maasch, JCW White, EJ Steig, E Meyerson, I Goodwin, VI Morgan, T Van Ommen, MAJ Curran, J Souney, K Kreutz

Annals of Glaciology | Published : 2004


Annually dated ice cores from West and East Antarctica provide proxies for past changes in atmospheric circulation over Antarctica and portions of the Southern Ocean, temperature in coastal West and East Antarctica, and the frequency of South Polar penetration of El Niño events. During the period AD 1700-1850, atmospheric circulation over the Antarctic and at least portions of the Southern Hemisphere underwent a mode switch departing from the out-of-phase alternation of multi-decadal long phases of EOF1 and EOF2 modes of the 850 hPa field over the Southern Hemisphere (as defined in the recent record by Thompson and Wallace, 2000; Thompson and Solomon, 2002) that characterizes the remainder o..

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