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The Southern Hemisphere westerlies in the Australasian sector over the last glacial cycle: A synthesis

J Shulmeister, I Goodwin, J Renwick, K Harle, L Armand, MS McGlone, E Cook, J Dodson, PP Hesse, P Mayewski, M Curran

Quaternary International | Published : 2004


The Southern Hemisphere westerlies in the southwest Pacific are known to have waxed and waned numerous times during the last two glacial cycles, though even semi-continuous histories of the westerlies extend back no more than about 20,000 years. We have good evidence for at least three scales of events.A westerly maximum occurs at the Last Glacial Maximum. There is less conclusive evidence for another westerly maximum in the late Holocene and for a minimum at ca. 11 ka. It is too early to ascribe even a cycle to these data but there are grounds to suggest that Milankovitch precessional forcing may underlie the observed pattern. There is also a quasi-2600-year cycle present in Antarctic ice c..

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