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A postbinding inhibitor of insulin action. Increased concentrations in the plasma of non-insulin-dependent diabetic subjects

B Dean, I Peluso, LC Harrison

Diabetes | Published : 1984


'Postreceptor' insulin resistance in persons with non-insulin-dependent diabetes (NIDDM) could be due to an intrinsic defect in insulin-sensitive pathways or to the action of a circulating inhibitor. Since evidence for the former is lacking, we have addressed the question of a circulating inhibitor by examining the effect of plasma and plasma extracts from NIDDM subjects on the lipogenic response of rat adipocytes to insulin. A majority (77%) of plasma samples (1:20 dilution) from unselected, treated NIDDM subjects (N = 69) inhibited insulin-stimulated conversion of 3-3H-glucose to 3H-lipid in rat adipocytes to a greater extent than did control samples (N = 24). The mean ± SD inhibition by N..

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