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Geometrogenesis under quantum graphity: Problems with the ripening universe

Samuel A Wilkinson, Andrew D Greentree

Physical Review D | AMER PHYSICAL SOC | Published : 2015


Quantum graphity (QG) is a model of emergent geometry in which space is represented by a dynamical graph. The graph evolves under the action of a Hamiltonian from a high-energy pregeometric state to a low-energy state in which geometry emerges as a coarse-grained effective property of space. Here we show the results of numerical modeling of the evolution of the QG Hamiltonian, a process we term "ripening" by analogy with crystallographic growth. We find that the model as originally presented favors a graph composed of small disjoint subgraphs. Such a disconnected space is a poor representation of our Universe. A new term is introduced to the original QG Hamiltonian, which we call the hyperva..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

A. D. G. acknowledges the Australian Research Council for financial support (Contract No. DP130104381). We would like to thank Bill Moran for helpful comments and conversations.