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Comparison of weather radar, numerical weather prediction and gauge-based rainfall estimates

M Shahrban, JP Walker, QJ Wang, A Seed, P Steinle, F Chan (ed.), D Marinova (ed.), RS Anderssen (ed.)

MODSIM 2011 - 19th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation - Sustaining Our Future: Understanding and Living with Uncertainty | MODELLING & SIMULATION SOC AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND INC | Published : 2011


Hydrological hazards have been extensive world-wide in recent times. In particular, there has been widespread flooding across much of Australia in response to extreme precipitation events. Hydrological modelling can be used to effectively manage the extensive effects of flood events, but the primary input for hydrological hind-, now- and fore-casting of these events is reliable knowledge of both observed and forecast precipitation. The Bureau of Meteorology's rain gauge network is the most common source of data on precipitation in Australia, and is the benchmark for validation of other estimates, despite its limitations. However, the rain gauge network is spatially limited for much of Austra..

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