Conference Proceedings

Quantifying gyrification using Laplace Beltrami eigenfunction level-sets

R Shishegar, JH Manton, DW Walker, JM Britto, LA Johnston

2015 IEEE 12th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI) | IEEE | Published : 2015


© 2015 IEEE. Cortical surface is folded into gyri and sulci in the brains of higher mammals. Gyrification indices (GI) are widely used to characterise cortical folding complexity, and are important metrics employed in the quantitative assessment of normal brain development and neurodevelopmental disorders. A new GI metric is proposed that endeavours to combine the advantages of surface-based methods with curvature-based methods. The proposed metric employs a measurement of curvature; however, the use of Laplace-Beltrami eigenfunction level-sets introduces the advantage of focusing on folds, a characteristic previously attributed only to surface-based methods. Applying Laplace-Beltrami eigenf..

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