Journal article

The Spectacle of the Veiled Woman and The Mutilated Child

J ROGERS, S Ghumkhor

Australian Feminist Law Journal | Griffith University, Griffith Law School, Socio-Legal Research Centre | Published : 2014


When we imagine a body we imagine it whole, but, in fact, it is always in pieces. Pieces that are imagined held together in the image of a person before the law, or pieces that break apart in the image of the person who is outside this law. The person who recognises themselves before liberal law, we contend in this paper, references the images of those who are to become before law: savages, barbarians, children, animals. These categories frame the images of the body in pieces, waiting in the wings of a liberal imagination of the subject, recruited for the purposes of holding forth a difference; one which suggests pending prohibition which will in turn result in pending pieces. Here, we analy..

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