Journal article

Mass spectrometry imaging for plant biology: a review

Berin A Boughton, Dinaiz Thinagaran, Daniel Sarabia, Antony Bacic, Ute Roessner



Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) is a developing technique to measure the spatio-temporal distribution of many biomolecules in tissues. Over the preceding decade, MSI has been adopted by plant biologists and applied in a broad range of areas, including primary metabolism, natural products, plant defense, plant responses to abiotic and biotic stress, plant lipids and the developing field of spatial metabolomics. This review covers recent advances in plant-based MSI, general aspects of instrumentation, analytical approaches, sample preparation and the current trends in respective plant research.


Funding Acknowledgements

The authors are grateful to Metabolomics Australia (MA) at The University of Melbourne, a member of Bioplatforms Australia Pty Ltd which is funded through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), 5.1 Biomolecular Platforms and Informatics and co-investments from the Victorian Government.