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Structure and mechanism of activity of the cyclic phosphodiesterase of Appr>p, a product of the tRNA splicing reaction.

A Hofmann, A Zdanov, P Genschik, S Ruvinov, W Filipowicz, A Wlodawer

The EMBO Journal | Published : 2000


The crystal structure of the cyclic phosphodiesterase (CPDase) from Arabidopsis thaliana, an enzyme involved in the tRNA splicing pathway, was determined at 2.5 A resolution. CPDase hydrolyzes ADP-ribose 1",2"-cyclic phosphate (Appr>p), a product of the tRNA splicing reaction, to the monoester ADP-ribose 1"-phosphate (Appr-1"p). The 181 amino acid protein shows a novel, bilobal arrangement of two alphabeta modules. Each lobe consists of two alpha-helices on the outer side of the molecule, framing a three- or four-stranded antiparallel beta-sheet in the core of the protein. The active site is formed at the interface of the two beta-sheets in a water-filled cavity involving residues from two H..

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