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Rheological characterisation of 'weak gel' carrageenan stabilised milks

AB Rodd, CR Davis, DE Dunstan, BA Forrest, DV Boger

Food Hydrocolloids | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2000


The use of a controlled stress rheometer to characterise the rheology of weak gel behaviour of milk containing carrageenan is described. The interaction of carrageenan with the protein in milk produces a long-range network structure where the physical properties are dependent on the type of carrageenan used. With the use of a sensitive controlled stress rheometer, it was possible to characterise the rheological properties of these weak gels and differentiate between samples using both large deformation techniques, and small amplitude oscillatory measurements. Large deformation tests enabled the gels to be qualitatively compared based on an apparent yield stress, 'structure point', apparent s..

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