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New cochlear implant coding strategy for tonal language speakers.

Lena LN Wong, Andrew E Vandali, Valter Ciocca, Betty Luk, Vivian WK Ip, Brendan Murray, Hip C Yu, Isabella Chung

International Journal of Audiology | Published : 2008


Accurate pitch perception on the basis of fundamental frequency patterns is essential for the processing of lexical tones in tonal languages such as Cantonese. Speech intelligibility in Cantonese-speaking CI recipients was compared using current signal processing strategies, which typically result in poor pitch perception, and a new strategy, known as the multi-channel envelope modulation (MEM) strategy, was designed to enhance temporal periodicity cues to the fundamental frequency. Performance of nine postlingually hearing-impaired adult cochlear implant users was measured twice using each strategy, initially after a four week trial, and again after two weeks of use with each strategy. Spee..

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