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New-onset and persistent migraine early after percutaneous atrial septal defect closure disappear at follow-up

A Voet, JGLM Luermans, V Thijs, L Herroelen, MC Post, E Troost, W Budts

Acta Clinica Belgica | ACTA CLINICA BELGICA | Published : 2008


AIMS: Recently we reported that percutaneous atrial septal defect (ASD) closure had no influence on the prevalence of migraine during a short followup period. 12 % of patients however developed a new-onset migraine after the ASD closure. As it has been suggested that the closing device might induce or maintain migraine temporarily, we were interested in the prevalence of migraine at longer follow-up. METHODS: All 75 patients included in the previous study, received the same structured headache questionnaire. A neurologist, blinded to previous data, diagnosed migraine with or without aura (MA+ or MA-) according to the International Headache Criteria. McNemar paired X2 test was used to evaluat..

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