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Expression of biologically active human factor VIII using a baculovirus vector.

E Webb, J Tkalcevic, S Edwards, D Hocking, I Nisbet

Biochem Biophys Res Commun | Published : 1993


Factor VIII is a complex, plasma glycoprotein involved in the process of blood coagulation. Production of the recombinant molecule has largely been confined to mammalian cell systems which have, in general, proven to be inefficient producers of factor VIII. The use of a baculovirus expression system may provide increased levels of this glycoprotein, although it is not certain that insect cell-derived factor VIII will be biologically active. The N-linked glycosylation patterns in insect cells, until recently thought to be less complex than in mammalian cells, may influence activity and/or secretory ability. To this end we engineered a B domain-deleted factor VIII cDNA sequence for expression ..

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