Journal article

The 'Self' and Borderline Personality Disorder: Conceptual and Clinical Considerations

Ian B Kerr, Laura Finlayson-Short, Louise K McCutcheon, Hilary Beard, Andrew M Chanen

Psychopathology | KARGER | Published : 2015


Some concept of self has been used by many, although not all, researchers and clinicians as an 'organising construct' for borderline personality disorder (BPD). There is considerable variation in this usage and how clearly researchers have defined the self. Given this diversity, and that 'self' is often used interchangeably with parallel concepts (e.g., psyche, brain-mind, 'person') or with features of self (e.g., self-awareness, identity), unqualified use of the term is problematic. This is further complicated by the heterogeneity and 'comorbidity' of BPD and the limitations of syndromally based psychiatric nosology. Still, BPD remains in current classification systems and can be reliably d..

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