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Investigation of PNPLA3 and IL28B genotypes on diabetes and obesity after liver transplantation: insight into mechanisms of disease.

KD Watt, R Dierkhising, C Fan, JK Heimbach, H Tillman, D Goldstein, A Thompson, A Krishnan, MR Charlton

American Journal of Transplantation | Published : 2013


To identify genetic risks for obesity and diabetes postliver transplantation (LT), LT recipients underwent genotyping for IL28B rs12979860 (n = 295) and PNPLA3 rs738409 (n = 205) polymorphism in both donors and recipients. The development of obesity and diabetes/impaired fasting glucose (IFG) was determined 1-5 years post-LT. Recipient PNPLA-3 genotype was independently associated with obesity (BMI > 30) at 3 years posttransplant (genotype CC 33.7%, CG 48.3% and GG 82.4%, p = 0.002), with an odds ratio (OR 2.54, CI 1.38-4.66, p = 0.003), associated with the G allele. Diabetes/IFG diagnosed within 5 years posttransplant associated with PNPLA-3 non-CC genotype (HR 1.59, 1.12-2.26, p = 0.010), ..

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