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Impaired touch discrimination after stroke: A quantitative test

LM Carey, LE Oke, TA Matyas

Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair | DEMOS MEDICAL PUBLISHING | Published : 1997


The ability to discriminate differences in tactile stimuli, such as textures, is commonly and characteristically impaired after stroke. Assessment of tactile discrimination is cur rently compromised by measures that are not quantitative and standardized, do not as sess active touch sensibility, or are not suitable for use in clinical settings with stroke patients. Therefore, a test that addressed these limitations was developed. The Tac tile Discrimination Test required subjects to discriminate differences in finely graded plastic ridged surfaces using a three-alternative forced choice design. Test-retest reli ability, based on a sample of 35 stroke patients, was high (r = 0.92), and changes..

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