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An in vitro test of the efficacy of an anti-biofilm wound dressing.

Jawal Said, Michael Walker, David Parsons, Paul Stapleton, Anthony E Beezer, Simon Gaisford

The Lancet | Published : 2014


Broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents, such as silver, are increasingly being formulated into medicated wound dressings in order to control colonization of wounds by opportunistic pathogens. Medicated wound dressings have been shown in-vitro to be effective against planktonic cultures, but in-vivo bacteria are likely to be present in biofilms, which makes their control and eradication more challenging. Recently, a functional wound dressing (AQUACEL(®) Ag+ Extra™ (AAg + E)) has been developed that in addition to silver contains two agents (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) and benzethonium chloride (BC)) designed to disrupt biofilms. Here, the efficacy of AAg + E is demonstrated using a bi..

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