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The Urban Data Re-use and Integration Platform for Australia: Design, Realisation, and Case Studies

R SINNOTT, C Bayliss, A Bromage, G Galang, Y Gong, P Greenwood, G Jayaputera, D Marques, L Morandini, M Nino-Ruiz, G Karami Nogoorani, H Pursultani, R Rabanal, M Sarwar, W Voorsluys, I Widjaja

IEEE | Published : 2015


Many/most of the challenges facing urban researchers and indeed policy makers relate to discovery of, access to and subsequent use of heterogeneous urban data sets. These data are typically held by a myriad of government agencies (local, State and Federal), industry and academic research organisations. The Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) project commenced in 2010 and was tasked specifically with addressing this issue for the Australian urban research community. Specifically it was tasked with developing an e-Infrastructure providing seamless, secure live access to an extensive, extensible, and diverse collection of (typically) pre-existing data from autonomous and de..

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