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Transfer of the New Caledonian genus Boronella to Boronia (Rutaceae) based on analyses of cpDNA and nrDNA

Michael J Bayly, Marco F Duretto, Gareth D Holmes, Paul I Forster, David J Cantrill, Pauline Y Ladiges

Australian Systematic Botany | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2015


As currently circumscribed, Boronia (Rutaceae) is a large Australian genus of 148 species distributed in all states and mainland territories, and Boronella is confined to New Caledonia and contains ~four species. We present molecular phylogenetic analyses of these genera, based on chloroplast (trnL–trnF) and nuclear (ITS, ETS) DNA sequences, to assess their relationships and infrageneric classification. Analyses strongly support the monophyly of a Boronia+Boronella clade and that Boronella is nested within Boronia. They also support the monophyly of Boronella and Boronia sections Algidae, Valvatae and Cyanothamnus, and ser. Pedunculatae (sect. Boronia), but resolve sect. Boronia and ser. Bor..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by Australian Biological Resources Study

Funding Acknowledgements

For assistance with field work or provision of specimens we thank Gill Brown, Adele Gibbs, Mike Mathieson, Jerome Munzinger, Gary Nelson, Megan Thomas and Susan Phillips. Several sequences were provided by Margaret Heslewood and Rose Barrett. Plant-collecting permits were provided by the former Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage, the former Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation, the former Queensland Environmental Protection Agency, Australian National Botanic Gardens, and conservation authorities of the North and South Provinces of New Caledonia (DDEE and DENV). We thank Peter Wilson for assistance with nomenclature. This study was funded by the Australian Research Council (LP0776737), Australian Biological Resources Study (PD208-02) and an Early Career Researcher Grant from The University of Melbourne.