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Comparing Heavy Vehicle and Passenger Car Lane-Changing Maneuvers on Arterial Roads and Freeways

Kayvan Aghabayk, Sara Moridpour, William Young, Majid Sarvi, Yi-Bing Wang

Transportation Research Record Journal of the Transportation Research Board | SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC | Published : 2011


The behavior of drivers of heavy vehicles when making a decision or executing a lane-changing maneuver on arterial roads and freeways is investigated. Vehicle lane-changing maneuvers often result in instability in traffic flow. The impact on traffic flow of lane changes by heavy vehicles can be even more serious than that of lane changes by passenger vehicles because of vehicle characteristics and driver behavior. This impact is being exacerbated because the number of heavy vehicles and their share in the traffic steam are increasing. Models of lane-changing behavior were reviewed. It was found that the lane-changing maneuver of heavy ehicles has not received appropriate attention. Real-worl..

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