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Examining the Impact of Different Turning Angles on the Collective Egress of Crowds

Charitha Dias, Majid Sarvi, Nirajan Shiwakoti, Omid Ejtemai, Martin Burd

Journal of Transportation Safety & Security | TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC | Published : 2014


Previous case studies of crowd disasters highlighted that collective human behaviors associated with common manoeuvres, such as turning movements, can be potentially dangerous particularly under emergency conditions. Therefore, proper consideration should be given when designing physical features such as angled or circuitous pathways at crowd-gathering places. A major gap in the knowledge is that no substantial research has examined crowding and turning-angle impacts on collective egress of crowds. In this study, to investigate the influence of turning angle on collective crowd behaviors, the authors utilize empirical data collected from human trials under normal walking conditions and from ..

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