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Identification of intra- and intermolecular disulphide bonding in the plant mitochondrial proteome by diagonal gel electrophoresis

Alison M Winger, Nicolas L Taylor, Joshua L Heazlewood, David A Day, A Harvey Millar

Proteomics | WILEY | Published : 2007


Redox active proteins in plant mitochondria were examined using 2-D oxidant/reductant diagonal-SDS-PAGE to separate and identify proteins with intermolecular or intramolecular disulphide bonds using diamide in the first dimension and DTT in the second dimension. Eighteen proteins spots were resolved either above or below the diagonal and these were in-gel digested and identified by MS/MS. This analysis revealed intermolecular disulphide bonds in alternative oxidase, O-acetylserine (thiol) lyase, citrate synthase and between subunits of the ATP synthase. Intramolecular disulphide bonds were observed in a range of mitochondrial dehydrogenases, elongation factor Tu, adenylate kinase and the pho..

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