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Mitochondrial acyl carrier proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana are predominantly soluble matrix proteins and none can be confirmed as subunits of respiratory Complex I

Etienne H Meyer, Joshua L Heazlewood, A Harvey Millar

Plant Molecular Biology | SPRINGER | Published : 2007


Arabidopsis mitochondria are predicted to contain three acyl carrier proteins (ACPs). These small proteins are involved in fatty acid and lipoic acid synthesis in other organisms and have been previously reported to be subunits of respiratory Complex I in mitochondria in mammals, fungi and plants. Recently, the mammalian mitochondrial ACP (mtACP) has been shown to be largely a soluble matrix protein but also to be minimally associated with Complex I (Cronan et al. 2005), consistent with its involvement in synthesis of lipoic acid for TCA cycle decarboxylating dehydrogenases in the matrix but contrary to earlier claims it was primarily a Complex I subunit. We have investigated the localizatio..

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