Journal article

Leishmania carbon metabolism in the macrophage phagolysosome- feast or famine?

Malcolm J McConville, Eleanor C Saunders, Joachim Kloehn, Michael J Dagley

F1000Res | Published : 2015


A number of medically important microbial pathogens target and proliferate within macrophages and other phagocytic cells in their mammalian hosts. While the majority of these pathogens replicate within the host cell cytosol or non-hydrolytic vacuolar compartments, a few, including protists belonging to the genus Leishmania, proliferate long-term within mature lysosome compartments.  How these parasites achieve this feat remains poorly defined. In this review, we highlight recent studies that suggest that Leishmania virulence is intimately linked to programmed changes in the growth rate and carbon metabolism of the obligate intra-macrophage stages. We propose that activation of a slow growth ..

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