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A generative process planning system for cold extrusion

S Kumar, K Shanker, GK Lal

International Journal of Production Research | Published : 2003


In this paper, a CAPP system GIFTEP (Generative, Interactive, Feature-based Technology for Extruded Products) based on a generative approach is proposed for forward cold extrusion of complex-shape solid components to be extruded through single-hole dies. This is an attempt, using the previous efforts of Kumar et al. 1999 and 2002), made by the authors to bridge the gap between CAD and CAM practices related to cold extrusion. A feature recognition methodology, an upper bound model, an optimum die profile, a defect prediction criteria, criteria to choose a die arrangement and a simple adiabatic model to account for the temperature of extrudate proposed in the previous work of Kumar are taken a..

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