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The relationship between interfragmentary movement and cell differentiation in early fracture healing under locking plate fixation

S Miramini, L Zhang, M Richardson, P Mendis, A Oloyede, P Ebeling

Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine | Springer Netherlands | Published : 2016


Interfragmentary movement (IFM) at the fracture site plays an important role in fracture healing, particularly during its early stage, via influencing the mechanical microenvironment of mesenchymal stem cells within the fracture callus. However, the effect of changes in IFM resulting from the changes in the configuration of locking plate fixation on cell differentiation has not yet been fully understood. In this study, mechanical experiments on surrogate tibia specimens, manufactured from specially formulated polyurethane, were conducted to investigate changes in IFM of fractures under various locking plate fixation configurations and loading magnitudes. The effect of the observed IFM on cal..

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