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Characteristics of drug resistant HBV in an international collaborative study of HIV-HBV-infected individuals on extended lamivudine therapy

GV Matthews, A Bartholomeusz, S Locarnini, A Ayres, J Sasaduesz, E Seaberg, DA Cooper, S Lewin, GJ Dore, CL Thio



BACKGROUND: Little is known about the prevalence and pattern of hepatitis B virus (HBV) mutations in HIV/HBV co-infected individuals on long-term lamivudine (3TC) therapy. METHODS: HBV polymerase/envelope/basal core promoter/pre-core sequences from 81 HIV-HBV co-infected persons who received at least 6 months 3TC were compared to HBV reference sequences. Host and viral characteristics associated with HBV mutations were determined. RESULTS: HBV viraemia was detected in 53 persons (65%) and was associated with lower CD4 cell count nadir and higher HIV RNA at the time of testing but not with 3TC duration. Known 3TC-resistant mutations occurred in 50% and 94% of viremic patients with 4 years 3T..

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