Conference Proceedings

Good Frustrations: The Paradoxical Pleasure of Fearing Death in DayZ

F Allison, M Carter, M Gibbs, B Ploderer, M Carter, M Gibbs, W Smith, F Vetere

OzCHI 2015: Being Human - Conference Proceedings | ACM | Published : 2015


The design of modern digital games has become increasingly oriented towards providing players with positive experiences such as fun and flow, and reducing negative experiences such as frustration and anger. DayZ is one notable exception, where negative experiences are central to its design. When a player is killed in DayZ, they lose their character with all its advancement, often equivalent to weeks of play, which can be an enormously frustrating and demoralising experience. However, the majority of its players view this as a positive and attractive feature, and one of the keys to the game's appeal. In this paper, we draw on 1,704 responses to a player motivations survey to unpack the comple..

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