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Reactions of Nitroplatinum Complexes. 2. Reactions of K2[Pt(NO2)4] and Related Complexes with Aqueous Acids (CH3CO2H, HClO4, CF3SO3H, HNO3, and H2S04) : Pathways to Platinum(III) Complexes with Acetate Bridges. Crystal Structure of K2[{Pt(N02)2(µ-CH3CO2)}2]·H2O

TG Appleton, KJ Barnham, KA Byriel, JR Hall, CHL Kennard, MT Mathieson, KG Penman

Inorganic Chemistry | Published : 1995


Reaction of K2[Pt(15NO2)4] under argon with 1 M HClO4 or CF3SO3H gave an initial blue solution (λmax = 627 nm), due to nitrosyl complexes of platinum(IV). With heating, the color faded, and 195Pt and 15N NMR peaks were observed from cis-[Pt(15NO2) 2(H2O)2], [Pt(15NO2) (H2O)3]+, and fac-[Pt(15NO2)3(H2O)3]+. In air or oxygen, reaction was faster, giving [Pt(H2O)4]2+ as well as mixed nitrito-N/aqua platinum(II) complexes, and larger proportions of platinum(IV) complexes, including [Pt(OH)6]2− in solution, and solid H2[Pt(OH)6]. With 0.5 M H2SO4, reactions were similar, but a greater variety of platinum(IV) complexes were formed, some probably containing coordinated sulfate. With 1 M HNO3, K2[Pt..

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