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Reactions of Nitroplatinum Complexes. 1. 15N and 195Pt NMR Spectra of Platinum(II) Nitrite Complexes

TG Appleton, KJ Barnham, JR Hall, MT Mathieson

Inorganic Chemistry | Published : 1991


15N and 195Pt NMR spectra have been used to characterize the products of reaction of Pt(15NO2)42- with sulfamic acid, Pt(15N-O2)3(H2O)- and cis-Pt(15NO2)2(H2O)2, and the hydroxo complexes Pt(15NO2)3(OH)2- and cis-Pt(NO2)2(OH)22- derived from them by deprotonation. At intermediate pH values, the dinitro complexes rapidly form the hydroxo-bridged compounds [{Pt-(15NO2)2(μ-OH)}n]n- (n = 2, 3). The acid dissociation constant for Pt(15NO2)3(H2O)- (pKa, 5.32) was determined from the variation with pH of δN for nitro ligands cis to water/hydroxide. 15N and 195Pt NMR parameters were obtained for the series Pt(15NO2)3Zm-. The changes in these parameters as Z was changed correlated with those in the s..

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