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Caspase-3 and -8 activation and cytokine removal with a novel cellulose triacetate super-permeable membrane in an in vitro sepsis model

V Bordoni, I Bolgan, A Brendolan, C Crepaldi, F Gastaldon, V D'Intini, L Pilotto, P Inguaggiato, M Bonello, E Galloni, P Everard, R Bellomo, C Ronco

The International Journal of Artificial Organs | WICHTIG EDITORE | Published : 2003


Pro-apoptotic molecules are generated during sepsis which may be responsible for alteration of organ function in sepsis. Removal of systemic apoptotic activity may affect recovery from sepsis. Current high flux membranes might not be sufficiently permeable to eliminate pro-apoptotic factors. We evaluated the elimination of pro-apoptotic factors induced by LPS in human whole blood by a super-permeable cellulose triacetate membrane (SUREFLUX FH 150, Nipro, Osaka, Japan) in comparison to a standard high flux cellulose triacetate membrane (UT 700, Nipro, Osaka, Japan) and a polyethersulfone plasmafilter (Bellco, Mirandola Italy) in an in vitro blood circulation. We spiked human whole blood with ..

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