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Extracorporeal therapies in non-renal disease: Treatment of sepsis and the peak concentration hypothesis

C Ronco, M Bonello, V Bordoni, Z Ricci, V D'Intini, R Bellomo, N Levin

Blood Purification | KARGER | Published : 2004


In the setting of intensive care, patients with acute renal failure often present a clinical picture of the systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). SIRS can be caused by bacterial stimuli or by non-microbiological stimuli that induce a significant inflammatory response. When this response is exaggerated, the patient experiences multiple organ system failure and a condition of sepsis also defined as a systemic malignant inflammation. This is mostly characterized by an invasion of cytokines and other pro-inflammatory mediators into the systemic circulation where major biological effects take place, including vasopermeabilization, hypotension and shock. At the same time, the monocyte of..

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