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Cytokine removal with a large pore cellulose triacetate filter: An ex vivo study

S Uchino, R Bellomo, D Goldsmith, P Davenport, L Cole, I Baldwin, S Panagiotopoulos, P Tipping, C Ronco, P Everard

The International Journal of Artificial Organs | WICHTIG EDITORE | Published : 2002


OBJECTIVE: To test the hypothesis that hemofiltration using a new large pore cellulose triacetate hemofilter can achieve effective ultrafiltration of cytokines. DESIGN: Ex-vivo study. SETTING: Laboratory of Intensive Care Unit in tertiary hospital. SUBJECTS: Six healthy volunteers. INTERVENTIONS: Blood from 6 volunteers was incubated for 4 hours with 1 mg of endotoxin and then circulated through a closed hemofiltration circuit with a large pore cellulose triacetate hemofilter (nominal cut-off point: 60 kilodaltons). Hemofiltration was conducted at 1 L/h or 6 L/h of ultrafiltrate (UF) flow at the start of extra-corporeal circulation, and after 2 and 4 hours. Samples were taken from the arteri..

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