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Noradrenaline: friend or foe?

Rinaldo Bellomo

Heart Lung <html_ent glyph="@amp;" ascii="&amp;"/> Circulation | Published : 2003


Septic shock, systemic inflammation and pharmacological vasodilatation are often complicated by systemic hypotension despite aggressive fluid resuscitation and an increased cardiac output. If the physician wishes to restore arterial pressure to higher levels (> 80-85 mmHg), with the aim of sustaining cerebral and coronary perfusion pressure, the administration of systemic vasopressor agents, such as norepinephrine (noradrenaline), becomes necessary. However, because norepinephrine (NE) induces vasoconstriction in many vascular beds (visibly in the skin), it may decrease renal and visceral blood flow, impairing visceral organ function. This unproven fear deters clinicians from using NE more c..

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