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Nucleated red blood cells after cardiopulmonary bypass in infants and children: is there a relationship to the systemic inflammatory response syndrome?

B Frey, T Duke, SB Horton

Perfusion | Published : 1999


In a retrospective case control study we aimed to evaluate whether infants and children with nucleated red blood cells (NRBCs) in their peripheral blood smears after cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) had longer bypass times than controls without NRBCs. On review of a 3-year period, 58 children with NRBCs after CPB (and without NRBCs prior to CPB) were identified (cases). A random sample of 100 children without NRBCs after CPB over the same period served as controls. The median age (range) of the children with NRBCs and without NRBCs was 0.6 years (2 days to 20 years) and 1.4 years (2 days to 16 years), respectively (p = 0.03). The children with NRBCs had a significantly longer bypass time than th..

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