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Physicochemical characterization of chemical hydrogels based on PVA

G Paradossi, F Cavalieri, D Capitani, V Crescenzi

Journal of Polymer Science Part B Polymer Physics | JOHN WILEY & SONS INC | Published : 1999


In this paper, we report on the physicochemical characterization of hydrogels recently obtained by crosslinking poly (vinylalcohol), PVA, with telechelic PVA (telPVA, bearing terminal aldehydic groups) via acetalization in aqueous solution. These gels were studied by equilibrium swelling, compression modulus measurements, and proton relaxometry experiments. Swelling and compression modulus data allow to estimate the average molecular weight of PVA chain between crosslinks, the average mesh size of the networks, and the polymer-solvent interaction parameter χ . The average mesh size of PVA-telPVA compares well with domain dimensions of diffusionally confined water as detected by NMR relaxomet..

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