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Persistent variations in neuronal DNA methylation following cocaine self-administration and protracted abstinence in mice.

Danay Baker-Andresen, Qiongyi Zhao, Xiang Li, Bianca Jupp, Rose Chesworth, Andrew J Lawrence, Timothy Bredy

Neuroepigenetics | Published : 2015


Continued vulnerability to relapse during abstinence is characteristic of cocaine addiction and suggests that drug-induced neuroadaptations persist during abstinence. However, the precise cellular and molecular attributes of these adaptations remain equivocal. One possibility is that cocaine self-administration leads to enduring changes in DNA methylation. To address this possibility, we isolated neurons from medial prefrontal cortex and performed high throughput DNA sequencing to examine changes in DNA methylation following cocaine self-administration. Twenty-nine genomic regions became persistently differentially methylated during cocaine self-administration, and an additional 28 regions b..

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