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e-Smoker's Theatre, or, Modern Drama for Vapers


Performance Paradigm | University of New South Wales | Published : 2014


We find a gesture which expresses one-half of [the actor’s] attitude – that of showing – if we make him smoke a cigar and then imagine him laying it down now and again in order to show us some further characteristic attitude of the figure in the play. If we then subtract any element of hurry from the image and do not read slackness into its refusal to be taut we shall have an actor who is fully capable of leaving us to our thoughts, or to his own. —Bertolt Brecht, ‘A Short Organum for the Theatre’ (1964: 194) [I]t doesn’t take a genius to know that the real problem is capitalism. What leftists call the loss of the political is the fog they wander through because they’ve lost sight of the co..

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