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Free tensor fasciae latae flap reconstruction of defects of the chest and abdominal wall: selection of recipient vessels.

AJ Penington, DR Theile, AM MacLeod, WA Morrison

Scand J Plast Reconstr Surg Hand Surg | Published : 1996


Reconstruction of a full thickness defect of the abdominal or chest wall requires a combination of a rigid or semi-rigid layer and skin cover. The tensor fasciae latae (TFL) flap is unique in that it provides both of these in substantial quantities, but the most difficult aspect of using this flap in the anterior chest and abdomen is finding suitable recipient vessels. We describe a series of nine cases in which full thickness defects of the chest and abdominal wall were repaired using free vascularised TFL flaps. The recipient vessels included the gastroepiploic vessels (n = 2), the deep inferior epigastric artery (n = 3), the internal mammary artery (n = 2), and the superior thyroid and ac..

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