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Structure and expression of mouse germline immunoglobulin gamma 3 heavy chain transcripts induced by the mitogen lipopolysaccharide.

S Gerondakis, C Gaff, DJ Goodman, RJ Grumont

Immunogenetics | Published : 1991


Germline immunoglobulin heavy chain gene transcription is though to direct isotype switching by modulating the accessibility of specific switch regions to a recombinase. In this study, cloned cDNA copies of mouse germline Igh-8 RNAs have been used to characterize the Igh-8 transcription unit. The 5' end of these transcripts are derived from an exon denoted Ig3, located 1 kilobase 5' of the Igh-8 switch region. Sequence analysis of cDNA and genomic clones reveals that these RNAs are noncoding. In splenic B cell cultures treated with lipopolysaccharide (LPS), germline Igh-8 transcript levels are upregulated after 8 h due to increased transcription. This induction is consistent with the identif..

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