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Attenuated anabolic response to exercise in lamin A/C haploinsufficient mice

Gustavo Duque, Wei Li, Li Sze Yeo, Christopher Vidal, Diane Fatkin

Bone | ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC | Published : 2011


The ability of exercise to decrease fat mass and increase bone mass occurs through mechanical biasing of mesenchymal stem cells away from adipogenesis and toward osteoblastogenesis. The mechanism explaining this effect remains poorly understood. Lamin A/C knockdown inhibits osteoblastogenesis while favors adipogenesis in vitro. In this study, we hypothesized that the presence of lamin A/C is required for the anabolic response of bone during exercise. Three-month-old female lamin A/C haploinsufficient (Lmna(+/-)) mice were exposed to strenuous maximal exercise protocol (2 sessions/week, 40 min/session) for 6 weeks. Wild type (WT) (exercise and sedentary) and sedentary Lmna(+/-) mice were used..

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