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Modifying in-situ combustion performance by the use of water-soluble additives

DC Shallcross, CF de los Rios, LM Castanier, WE Brigham

SPE Reservoir Engineering | Published : 1991


Summary Experiments were performed to study the effects of various additives on theoxidation kinetics of Californian and Venezuelan oils. Aqueous solutions of 10metallic salts were indexed with sand and Huntington Beach, CA, oil. Themixtures were subjected to a constant flow of air and a linear heating schedulewhile the effluent gases were analyzed for composition. The variation in theoxygen consumption was analyzed with a model of three competing oxidation reactions. Values for the important kinetic parameters for the three reactionswere obtained for each additive. Iron and tin salts were found to enhance fuelformation, while copper, nickel, and cadmium salts bad no signif..

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