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Two Essential Light Chains Regulate the MyoA Lever Arm To Promote Toxoplasma Gliding Motility

Melanie J Williams, Hernan Alonso, Marta Enciso, Saskia Egarter, Lilach Sheiner, Markus Meissner, Boris Striepen, Brian J Smith, Christopher J Tonkin

mBio | AMER SOC MICROBIOLOGY | Published : 2015


UNLABELLED: Key to the virulence of apicomplexan parasites is their ability to move through tissue and to invade and egress from host cells. Apicomplexan motility requires the activity of the glideosome, a multicomponent molecular motor composed of a type XIV myosin, MyoA. Here we identify a novel glideosome component, essential light chain 2 (ELC2), and functionally characterize the two essential light chains (ELC1 and ELC2) of MyoA in Toxoplasma. We show that these proteins are functionally redundant but are important for invasion, egress, and motility. Molecular simulations of the MyoA lever arm identify a role for Ca(2+) in promoting intermolecular contacts between the ELCs and the adjac..

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Funding Acknowledgements

M.J.W. is a recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award, and C.J.T. is an ARC/NHMRC Future Fellow. This Work was supported by a National Health and Medical Research Council project grant (GNT1025598). B.S. is supported by NIH RO1 AI 64671 and AI084415. B.S. is a (RA distinguished investigator. This work was also made possible through Victorian State government Operational Infrastructure Support and the Australian government (NHMRC IRIISS).