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Central adiposity, obesity during early adulthood, and pancreatic cancer mortality in a pooled analysis of cohort studies

JM Genkinger, CM Kitahara, L Bernstein, A Berrington de Gonzalez, M Brotzman, JW Elena, GG Giles, P Hartge, PN Singh, RZ Stolzenberg-Solomon, E Weiderpass, H-O Adami, KE Anderson, LE Beane-Freeman, JE Buring, GE Fraser, CS Fuchs, SM Gapstur, JM Gaziano, KJ Helzlsouer Show all



BACKGROUND: Body mass index (BMI), a measure of obesity typically assessed in middle age or later, is known to be positively associated with pancreatic cancer. However, little evidence exists regarding the influence of central adiposity, a high BMI during early adulthood, and weight gain after early adulthood on pancreatic cancer risk. DESIGN: We conducted a pooled analysis of individual-level data from 20 prospective cohort studies in the National Cancer Institute BMI and Mortality Cohort Consortium to examine the association of pancreatic cancer mortality with measures of central adiposity (e.g. waist circumference; n = 647 478; 1947 pancreatic cancer deaths), BMI during early adulthood (a..

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