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Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies common susceptibility polymorphisms for colorectal and endometrial cancer near SH2B3 and TSHZ1

Timothy HT Cheng, Deborah Thompson, Jodie Painter, Tracy O'Mara, Maggie Gorman, Lynn Martin, Claire Palles, Angela Jones, Daniel D Buchanan, Aung Ko Win, John Hopper, Mark Jenkins, Noralane M Lindor, Polly A Newcomb, Steve Gallinger, David Conti, Fred Schumacher, Graham Casey, Graham G Giles, Paul Pharoah Show all



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Funding Acknowledgements

We are grateful for funding to the Oxford NIHR Comprehensive Biomedical Research Centre. Core funding to the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics was provided by the Wellcome Trust (090532/Z/09/Z). The European colorectal cancer data were supported by COST Action BM1206. We thank Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the Institute of Cancer Research for support and funding of the Breakthrough Generations Study, and the study participants, study staff, and the doctors, nurses and other health care providers and health information sources who have contributed to the study. We acknowledge NHS funding to the Royal Marsden/ICR NIHR Biomedical Research Centre. The Colon CFR was supported by grant UM1 CA167551 from the National Cancer Institute and through cooperative agreements with the following CCFR centres: Australasian Colorectal Cancer Family Registry, Mayo Clinic Cooperative Family Registry for Colon Cancer Studies, Ontario Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry, Seattle Colorectal Cancer Family Registry, USC Consortium Colorectal Cancer Family Registry. The Colon CFR GWAS was supported by funding from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health (U01 CA122839 and R01 CA143237 to Graham Casey). The content of this manuscript does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the National Cancer Institute or any of the collaborating centres in the Colon Cancer Family Registry (CCFR), nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the US Government or the CCFR. Jeremy P. Cheadle was funded by the Bobby Moore Fund from Cancer Research UK, Tenovus, the Kidani Trust, Cancer Research Wales and the National Institute for Social Care and Health Research Cancer Genetics Biomedical Research Unit. Nada A. Al-Tassan and Brian F. Meyer were funded and supported by KFSHRC. Luis Carvajal-Carmona receives founding from The V Foundation for Cancer Research. The authors would also like to acknowledge The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS) group. A full list of the participants and their affiliations appears in the suppplementary information file that is appended to this article.